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Human Resource Marketing Services, Inc. (HRMS)
8491 W. Sunset Blvd. #438
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Voice: 310.855.1064
Fax: 310.854.1065

President: Richard Katz, katzr@hrms.net

Director or Education and Training: Corine Doughty, cdoughty@occ.cccd.edu

Director of Government Services: Ronald Kaufman, ronaldkaufman@yahoo.com

Director of Marketing: Michael Utvich, michael@utvich.com

Director of Sales: Blaze Callahan, callahanb@hrms.net

Director of Employer Services: Mike Feyder, mjfeyder@questintllc.com

Director of Technology: Bob Sink at webmaster@hrms.net

HRMS Careers: email careers@hrms.net

Article  Submission to NetAssets: editors@hrms.net

HealthTECH Workforce Forums: www.HITCareerMoves.com


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