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HRMS Newsletter is a great advertising vehicle for us and we are very interested in expanding our marketing relationship with them. Kevin Marshall, Vice President Business Development, Business Access, LLC

CSW has never done advertising like this before – in fact, we’ve never advertised at all. Placing ARRA articles in HRMS Newsletter has stimulated some creative thinking among our senior staff. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the phone calls and web hits we’ve gotten as a result of the ARRA articles. I think everyone here recognizes the value of our decision to advertise in the HRMS Newsletter. RJ Hoagland, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

I have been very impressed with the evolution and direction of Net assets. Your newsletter, HRMS Newslette, continues to evolve, so kudos to you and your team!Elizabeth Coley, Senior Managing Vice President, ResCare (Parent of Arbor E&T)

Hollywood Digital Career customized job training program gave us a chance to hire people from a source we otherwise didn’t have. The assessments didn’t take up that much time and were well worth it. Working with other employers worked out great too. Everyone seemed pleased. After you program’s training, we only had to give our standard proprietary training as we would with any new hire. Overall, the students were well trained and have been with us for 12 years, now. We would definitely consider doing something like that again.Sande Scoredos, Executive Director, Sony Pictures Imageworks

I’m pleased to provide this testimonial for HRMS Newsletter. They provided NWA with an extremely effective email marketing campaign that significantly increased our attendance for our November 2008 Congressional Conference in Tampa. Their staff created an html email message from our printed conference material and distributed the announcement to over 12,000 workforce development professionals all within three days.
John Smith, Chief Operating Officer, National Workforce Association

The past has proven that using HRMS Newsletter and SeasonedPRO email blasts have been successful and we would like to continue using your services.
Monica Huie, Marketing Manager, the Performance Institute

HRMS Newsletter has proven to be a very effective networking tool for our business. It keeps us in contact with key organizations and customers across the country and is a great way to share valuable information. Hats off to the team at HRMS! Celina Shands Gradjian– President/CEO – Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

As a result of the Net Assets article, I did a presentation on the aftermath of the Florida Hurricanes in New Orleans. The Performance Institute called me and asked for a presentation on how to prepare etc. It was fun and the audience was great! Good evaluations. Bruce Baptist, Director of Workforce Services, Arbor E&T

We run a floating banner ad regularly in HRMS Newsletter and have been very pleased with the number of click throughs and direct customer responses we’ve had from this advertising opportunity. Kerry Brooks, Manager-Marketing & Communications, Dynamic Works Institute

On the same day TTI America’s first subject matter expert article was published, we received immediate favorable feedback from many workforce development colleagues from across the country, including an invitation to speak at an upcoming conference. HRMS Newsletter is a great marketing investment for TTI America. Chuck Barranco, CEO TTI America

Thanks, Richard. It’s a great advertising value for the price.
Dennis O. Torbett, Vice President for Apprenticeship, Home Builders Institute

I find the HRMS Newsletter article information very informative and have shared with staff many times. Lois Wilkerson, Director, Orange County WIB

There’s no doubt that it was definitely worth collaborating with HRMS and funding them to design and manage the Hollywood Digital Careers (HDC), entertainment industry customized job training program. I’m glad to participate in a webinar using HDC as the showcase. Don Nakamoto, Executive Director, Verdugo WIB



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