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 Recruiting Options

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Los Angeles/UCLA Covel Commons


Wisdom Works Power Recruitment Package

Register Today To Receive Maximum Employer Visibility and
Online Access to Pre-Registered Conference Attendees

Core Recruitment Package


Your Wisdom Works Power Recruitment Package includes two admissions for the event. We suggest bringing one recruiter and one line executive to represent your company. Your Core Recruitment Package includes:

  1. Access to all career advancement educational workshops
  2. Organized candidate networking events
  3. Accessing alumni during lunch and dinner
  4. Speed Recruitment Roundtable Sessions starting at 3:15 pm

The speed recruitment roundtable sessions take place between 3:15 and 8:15 pm. You should plan to arrive at 2:00 pm to check in, and participate in the orientation for all employers that will begin at 2:30 pm. We recommend that you take full advantage of the candidate networking opportunities throughout the day. However, morning and lunch time networking opportunities and educational sessions, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, are strictly optional.

Your Speed Recruitment Roundtable Sessions

Wisdom Works speed recruitment roundtables are designed to maximize your recruiting impact with the greatest number of candidates with a minimum amount of time. During these roundtable sessions, you can present your company’s unique culture and career opportunities, invite candidates to introduce themselves, provide an efficient forum to answer candidate questions, and identify potential candidates.

  1. Your speed recruitment roundtable will have 10 seats for you and participants
  2. Attendees will visit your table every half-hour between 3:15 and 8:15 pm
  3. You will have 10 separate, speed recruitment sessions
  4. Signage will be provided at your recruitment roundtable
  5. Attendees will have the option to pre-schedule their recruitment roundtable with your company when they register for the conference, post their resumes before the conference and view your job openings

Your Conference Visibility

  1. Conference Web Site: Your logo will be displayed on the conference web site within a few days of registration
  2. Conference Program: You will be listed in the conference program with a company profile that includes your contact information and a list of your most important job openings
  3. Table Signage will be provided
  4. Maps of the speed recruitment area will be provided to all attendees to assist in locating your table
  5. Your logo will be displayed on a large screen in rotation with other companies throughout the entire Wisdom Work speed recruitment roundtable sessions

Pre and Post-Conference Online Alumni Access

Your Wisdom Works Recruitment Package includes:

  1. Access to attendee resumes posted by any past, current or future conference attendee, starting from the day you register and extending six months after the conference
  2. Unlimited job postings starting from the day you register and extending six months after the conference
  3. An opportunity to contact and meet with alumni prior to the event
  4. Contact information for every registered attendee whether or not they posted a resume (if authorized by the attendee)

Premium Visibility Options

Preferred Conference Program Advertising

  1. Back cover of conference program, full page 4-color ad
  2. Prime inside front cover ad position: black and white, full page
  3. Prime inside back cover ad position: black and white, full page
  4. Full page black and white ad displayed in conference program. Half page black and white ad displayed in conference program

On-Site Premium Visibility

  1. Display your corporate banner in registration area
  2. Distribute your recruitment brochure to all attendees either in the tote bag, or as hand outs during registration
  3. Project your corporate logo on the big screen main ballroom where the speed recruitment roundtables are located
  4. Print your logo on the conference tote bag (1-color/white)
  5. Print your logo on two, large sponsorship signs located in conference registration areas.

Panel Speaking Opportunities for

You will get additional recruiting leverage and visibility if one of your company executives or content expert participates in a Wisdom Works conference breakout session. Participation as a conference panelist is based upon program needs and qualifications of your representative. Please contact bcallahan@seasonedpro.com as soon as possible if you want to be considered. Visit www.seasonedpro.com to see conference program schedule and latest speaker updates.

For More Information

Contact bcallahan@seasonedpro.com or call (310) 855-1064 x 104

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