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Thousands of alumni and members of the professional community have found attending seasonedPRO conferences over the last five years “meeting” or “exceeding” their expectations. Here’s what attendees had to say after attending previous conferences:


This is the third year we have co-sponsored the Experienced Alumni Recruitment & Career Conference with seasonedPRO, and it was the best yet! The event is wonderfully targeted to our experienced alumni, and provides a career resource of real value to them. The speakers and topics were wonderfully practical, including those held on the first day in conjunction with the recruitment roundtable event. The speakers were consistently high quality and participants were very pleased with their experience. The beauty of this partnership is that seasonedPRO does all the leg work to organize and hold the conference, and we get the benefit of providing an excellent career resource to our alums that we ourselves would not have the ability or the resources to execute internally. We look forward to an even more successful conference next year and to continuing our partnership with seasonedPRO!
Susan Dearing Associate Director, EMBA & Alumni Career Services UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I highly recommend seasonedPRO services as a way to provide a leading university with a needed and desired alumni service without the expense and time typically associated with producing such an event.”
Jamie Belinne, Executive Director, University of Houston, Bauer College Business – Rockwell Career Center

The seasonedPRO career conference was a tremendous success, resulting in increased visibility with our alumni. Their services afforded us an opportunity to provide a high quality and unique conference that we could not have provided within our own financial resources. seasonedPRO‘s conference marketing plan, ability to access nationally known speakers, and unique program design, resulted in a great turnout of alumni from the community.
Susan Schroeder, OBA Board Member

What a great seminar you organized with the UCLA Anderson School of Management. The conference is needed not just in California, but everywhere. Feel free to contact me at my web site www.seniorsuccess.net. It’s a great source of mid-life success stories.
Bill Vick, Senior Partner, Ternosky & Vick Executive Search

Congratulations on the Event! The entire day was well planned and executed, and I got a lot of good information from each of the morning speakers and from speakers for the two workshops I attended in the afternoon. This is obvious that you put a lot of thought, expertise and energy into producing this event and I’m sure that every person attending got great benefit from your efforts. Thank you for your dedication to one of the most important areas of one’s life. Sincerely,
Linda J. Loe

All the work you put into it translated into substantive information that I can put to use immediately. And, as for the roster of speakers — what a wonderfully knowledgeable and eclectic group of professionals. Each speaker had a unique perspective, but there was some advice that was universal (e.g. know yourself, create a mission statement). Now I have to knuckle down and start to implement their advice.Thanks for having the vision to coordinate this program. I’d certainly be interested in anything else with a similar theme.
Eileen Salmas

It was a pleasure to meet with you and to present at your conference. Congratulations on a successful event! I had dinner with Patty last night and she was happy that it went well and apologized for not being able to come because of the gathering she was hosting last night.As promised I am sending a brief synopsis of the points in my presentation in the attached doc. Please let me know if you need anything else and I look forward to future collaborations with you. Stay well and thanks again.
Marilyn Tam

You did a magnificent job putting together an event that was interesting, informative and meaningful. Whew!!! I know the amount of time – hours and hours of it – and effort and energy that it takes to make this happen. Thanks, it was worth it. I learned a lot on Saturday – some unexpected lessons as well – mostly about me. (I promise, I’m not really as ego-maniacal as that must sound … but that’s a conversation for another time) Anyway, personally (for sure) and professionally (one can hope) it was a great day. Thanks, again.
Lauren Price

I enjoyed your presentations very much. You have a natural and commanding style and presence, and I sensed that we really “saw” who you are up there. I heard many people say similar things about you, so you should know that you were a big hit. Thank you for your role in bringing this event to life. I am a life and career coach and I’m putting together a workshop for a small group of “B” school grads from an eastern university. I learned a lot from the wonderful day you created, and that means that I will serve my clients better using some of the new information I gathered. Your reach extends beyond those who were at UCLA last Saturday.
Nancy Weil Brown, MA, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Thank you for all that you did before, during and now, after, for last Saturday’s event. The holistic approach made it an energetic, informative, encouraging and reality-checking forum. I hope there will be future events in a similar vein. I was definitely in the 82% who ranked it high. I am currently in a job-prospecting mode, due to position elimination, and a real neophyte with respect to the web so your follow up message with all of the niche sites is invaluable to me. Best regards,
Vera Mae Walsh

You and your team did an incredible job in organizing this conference! I enjoyed it tremendously. Hope to see you again soon. Take care,
Louise Wong

It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I found the whole event immensely valuable, and the lunchtime speaker hilarious.Please keep me on your list for future events such as this, and I look forward to staying in contact with you. If you ever think I might be able to contribute something, from the headhunter/career coach perspective from which I operate, please let me know. All the best,
Darrell W. Gurney, Career Energizer and Author of “Headhunters Revealed!

The day at the UCLA Alumni Career Conference was very valuable, and I learned some new ideas and validated some old and useful techniques. I thank you for your kindness and for sharing valuable ideas.
Richard Mann, Adjunct Faculty, Pepperdine University

Many thanks for a very enlightening conference. Best,
Gail McClellan, Executive Director, Affiliate Administration

It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. I greatly enjoyed the day, the speakers, and the many new people I met. All the best
Carole Hodges

I thoroughly enjoyed the alumni conference event last Saturday
Cecilia Acero, Conference Attendee

The Career Conference at Occidental College was excellent. Plenty of useful information, presented by experienced professionals who have succeeded in transitions of their own.
Larry Owens, Paramount Pictures

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