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HealthTech Workforce Forum Sponsors and Vendors

“Exhibiting at the event was worthwhile. I felt like I met a lot of people in the region and was able to network because of the forum. San Diego Mesa enrolled 6 students into our first training program from candidates who attended the forum. We enrolled 3 students into the program from contacts made during the conference.” Peggy Miller, Project Director, HIT Training, San Diego Mesa College

Congratulations on putting together the San Diego HealthTECH Workforce Forum. We found the day a great blend of networking, meaningful conversations with Health IT stakeholders and informative keynote and panel presentations. It was well worth our time. Our exhibiting was a success too as we got to speak with both potential partners and students. I recommend HRMS to other communities wanting to leverage resources to create a skilled Health IT workforce.” Grace L. Miller, Director, Healthcare and Behavioral Sciences Education, UC San Diego Extension

“The HealthTECH Workforce event proved to be one that served many purposes for our program. As a technical trade program, any new information on new industry standards and/or changes is vital for program development. In addition, the networking opportunity was also another invaluable benefit. On behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, Job Corps Outreach and Admissions Services, we thank you accordingly and look forward to invitations to similar future events.” Gina Robles, Outreach Specialist, U.S. Department of Labor, Job Corps Southern California

“I should say that the HIT Program was very beneficial for us. We were able to partner with a few work force agencies to recruit potential hires and have also provided internship opportunities for 2 candidates to take our training and work at our client site. In addition, I also got two sales leads from the conference. One of them was to give a demo to a few office managers and the second for a 12 doctor cardiology group in Burbank. They are just warm leads, but still the conference opened some doors. Really appreciate that and I thank you very much for the opportunity. We benefited very much from the event.” Sunny Saran, CEO, e2ohealth

“Great job and excellent wrap up.” Cassi L. Birnbaum, RHIA, CPHQ, Director of Health Information and Privacy Officer

“Thank YOU HRMS for a wonderful and effective workforce development event!!!” Chuck Flacks, Director, San Diego Workforce Partnership

“Conference went very well. Great experience to meet everyone in such an effective setting.” James L. Comins, RN, MSN, Director Reg. HIT Consortium, Los Rios Business and Econ. Dev. Ctr.

“Great conference! Can you let us know when the PowerPoints from the speakers will be available and where to go to download them?” Brian Malec, Professor and Chair, Department of Health Sciences

“Please feel free to use me as a reference for the HealthTech Workforce Forum we sponsored in San Diego.” Michael Lacourse, PhD, Dean, School of Health and Human Services, Technology and Health Sciences Center, National University

“Thank you for allowing me to participate on such an extraordinary panel for workforce development – while I had to leave for another meeting by 12:30PM today, I think our panel was well received and thought provoking. Please let me know how HIMSS and our staff can further assist in this important mission of workforce development.” Helen Figge, PharmD, MBA, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Sr. Dir. Career Services, HIMSS

“It was a pleasure working with you and Jeanne on the panel. How fortunate for us—and the participants—that James Brady invited us to speak and Joanne did such a great job coordinating everything. It certainly seemed like the participants were very interested in the information we shared. I learned a lot from you and Jeanne and the general discussion. A success…thanks to a great team!” Gretchen LeFever, Ph.D., Director, Health Information Consortium, Tidewater Community College


HealthTech Workforce Forum Attendees

“Daniel Barchi (Yale CIO) presentation – the concept of undertaking FMEA prior to go-live was a golden nugget.”

“Most Impressed with the C-level, luminary speakers in the panels.”

“Speaker from West Med was very good, especially his concrete examples of EHR progress and success.”

“The CIO key note and Panel was outstanding

“Excellent job getting real examples and the Key speakers.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to join you for the HealthTECH conference. I learned so much from the sessions!” Barbara Halsey, Executive Director, California Workforce Investment Board

HRMS Newsletter Advertising

NetAssets is a great advertising vehicle for us and we are very interested in expanding our marketing relationship with them. Kevin Marshall, Vice President Business Development, Business Access, LLC

CSW has never done advertising like this before – in fact, we’ve never advertised at all. Placing ARRA articles in NetAssets has stimulated some creative thinking among our senior staff. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the phone calls and web hits we’ve gotten as a result of the ARRA articles. I think everyone here recognizes the value of our decision to advertise in NetAssets. RJ Hoagland, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

I have been very impressed with the evolution and direction of Net assets. Your newsletter, NetAssets, continues to evolve, so kudos to you and your team! Elizabeth Coley, Senior Managing Vice President, ResCare (Parent of Arbor E&T)

I’m pleased to provide this testimonial for NetAssets. They provided NWA with an extremely effective email marketing campaign that significantly increased our attendance for our November 2008 Congressional Conference in Tampa. Their staff created an html email message from our printed conference material and distributed the announcement to over 12,000 workforce development professionals all within three days. John Smith, Chief Operating Officer, National Workforce Association

The past has proven that using NetAssets and SeasonedPRO email blasts have been successful and we would like to continue using your services. Monica Huie, Marketing Manager, the Performance Institute

NetAssets has proven to be a very effective networking tool for our business. It keeps us in contact with key organizations and customers across the country and is a great way to share valuable information. Hats off to the team at NetAssets!Celina Shands Gradjian– President/CEO – Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

As a result of the Net Assets article, I did a presentation on the aftermath of the Florida Hurricanes in New Orleans. The Performance Institute called me and asked for a presentation on how to prepare etc. It was fun and the audience was great! Good evaluations. Bruce Baptist, Director of Workforce Services, Arbor E&T

We run a floating banner ad regularly in NetAssets and have been very pleased with the number of click throughs and direct customer responses we’ve had from this advertising opportunity. Kerry Brooks, Manager-Marketing & Communications, Dynamic Works Institute

On the same day TTI America’s first subject matter expert article was published, we received immediate favorable feedback from many workforce development colleagues from across the country, including an invitation to speak at an upcoming conference. NetAssets is a great marketing investment for TTI America. Chuck Barranco, CEO TTI America

Thanks, Richard. It’s a great advertising value for the price.
Dennis O. Torbett, Vice President for Apprenticeship, Home Builders Institute

I find the NetAssets article information very informative and have shared with staff many times. Lois Wilkerson, Director, Orange County WIB

Workforce Development Services: Customized Training/Business Services

Hollywood Digital Career customized job training program gave us a chance to hire people from a source we otherwise didn’t have. The assessments didn’t take up that much time and were well worth it. Working with other employers worked out great too. Everyone seemed pleased. After you program’s training, we only had to give our standard proprietary training as we would with any new hire. Overall, the students were well trained and have been with us for 12 years, now. We would definitely consider doing something like that again. Sande Scoredos, Executive Director, Sony Pictures Imageworks

There’s no doubt that it was definitely worth collaborating with HRMS and funding them to design and manage the Hollywood Digital Careers (HDC), entertainment industry customized job training program. I’m glad to participate in a webinar using HDC as the showcase. Don Nakamoto, Executive Director, Verdugo WIB

The workforce development marketing campaign was very successful, generating a six-fold increase in the number of job seeker and employer visits to the Web site on a daily basis. In addition, we found HRMS to be professional, flexible, and easy to work with. They delivered what they said they would and provided additional services beyond their contractual obligations. Linda Wong, Project Coordinator, Los Angeles County Regional Workforce Preparation and Economic Development

University Alumni Career Conferences-Signature Sponsors
This is the third year we have co-sponsored the Experienced Alumni Recruitment & Career Conference with HRMS and it was the best yet! The event is wonderfully targeted to our more experienced alumni, and provides a career resource of real value to them. The speakers and topics were wonderfully practical, including those held on the first day in conjunction with the Meet Your Next Employer recruitment roundtable event. The speakers were consistently high quality and participants were very pleased with their experience. The beauty of this partnership is that seasonedPRO does all the leg work to organize and hold the conference, and we get the benefit of providing an excellent career resource to our alums that we ourselves would not have the ability or the resources to execute internally. We look forward to an even more successful conference next year and to continuing our partnership with seasonedPRO! Susan Dearing Associate Director, EMBA & Alumni Career Services
UCLA Anderson School of Management

The UCLA Anderson School of Management asked seasonedPRO (a division of HRMS) to create and produce an experienced alumni conference. In 2006, we expanded the format to two days and extended the marketing to include the entire UCLA alumni database. Our most recent UCLA conference brought together 400 alumni and 25 prominent employers and sponsors listening to and interacting with expert speakers covering a wide range of career management, career development, and career transition topics. Bob Pettit, Director, Alumni Relations, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Occidental College
The seasonedPRO Seasoned Professional Career Conference held on September 17, 2005 at Occidental College was a tremendous success, resulting in increased visibility with our alumni. Their services afforded us an opportunity to provide a high quality and unique conference that we could not have provided within our own financial resources. seasonedPRO‘s conference marketing, ability to access nationally known speakers, and unique program design, resulted in a great turnout of alumni and experienced professionals from the community.Susan Schroeder, Board Member, Occidental College Business Associates.

University of Houston, Bauer College of Business

I highly recommend seasonedPRO services as a way to provide a leading university with a needed and desired alumni service without the expense and time typically associated with producing such an event. Jamie Belinne, Executive Director, University of Houston, Bauer College Business — Rockwell Career Center


University Alumni Career Conferences-Attendees


What a great seminar you organized with the UCLA Anderson School of Management. The conference is needed not just in California, but everywhere. Feel free to contact me at my web site www.seniorsuccess.net. It’s a great source of mid-life success stories.
Bill Vick, Senior Partner, Ternosky & Vick Executive Search

Congratulations on the Event! The entire day was well planned and executed, and I got a lot of good information from each of the morning speakers and from speakers for the two workshops I attended in the afternoon. This is obvious that you put a lot of thought, expertise and energy into producing this event and I’m sure that every person attending got great benefit from your efforts. Thank you for your dedication to one of the most important areas of one’s life. Sincerely,
Linda J. Loe

All the work you put into it translated into substantive information that I can put to use immediately. And, as for the roster of speakers — what a wonderfully knowledgeable and eclectic group of professionals. Each speaker had a unique perspective, but there was some advice that was universal (e.g. know yourself, create a mission statement). Now I have to knuckle down and start to implement their advice.Thanks for having the vision to coordinate this program. I’d certainly be interested in anything else with a similar theme.
Eileen Salmas

It was a pleasure to meet with you and to present at your conference. Congratulations on a successful event! I had dinner with Patty last night and she was happy that it went well and apologized for not being able to come because of the gathering she was hosting last night.As promised I am sending a brief synopsis of the points in my presentation in the attached doc. Please let me know if you need anything else and I look forward to future collaborations with you. Stay well and thanks again.
Marilyn Tam

You did a magnificent job putting together an event that was interesting, informative and meaningful. Whew!!! I know the amount of time – hours and hours of it – and effort and energy that it takes to make this happen. Thanks, it was worth it. I learned a lot on Saturday – some unexpected lessons as well – mostly about me. (I promise, I’m not really as ego-maniacal as that must sound … but that’s a conversation for another time) Anyway, personally (for sure) and professionally (one can hope) it was a great day. Thanks, again.
Lauren Price

I enjoyed your presentations very much. You have a natural and commanding style and presence, and I sensed that we really “saw” who you are up there. I heard many people say similar things about you, so you should know that you were a big hit. Thank you for your role in bringing this event to life. I am a life and career coach and I’m putting together a workshop for a small group of “B” school grads from an eastern university. I learned a lot from the wonderful day you created, and that means that I will serve my clients better using some of the new information I gathered. Your reach extends beyond those who were at UCLA last Saturday.
Nancy Weil Brown, MA, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Thank you for all that you did before, during and now, after, for last Saturday’s event. The holistic approach made it an energetic, informative, encouraging and reality-checking forum. I hope there will be future events in a similar vein. I was definitely in the 82% who ranked it high. I am currently in a job-prospecting mode, due to position elimination, and a real neophyte with respect to the web so your follow up message with all of the niche sites is invaluable to me. Best regards,
Vera Mae Walsh

You and your team did an incredible job in organizing this conference! I enjoyed it tremendously. Hope to see you again soon. Take care,
Louise Wong

It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I found the whole event immensely valuable, and the lunchtime speaker hilarious.Please keep me on your list for future events such as this, and I look forward to staying in contact with you. If you ever think I might be able to contribute something, from the headhunter/career coach perspective from which I operate, please let me know. All the best,
Darrell W. Gurney, Career Energizer and Author of “Headhunters Revealed!

The day at the UCLA Alumni Career Conference was very valuable, and I learned some new ideas and validated some old and useful techniques. I thank you for your kindness and for sharing valuable ideas.
Richard Mann, Adjunct Faculty, Pepperdine University

Many thanks for a very enlightening conference. Best,
Gail McClellan, Executive Director, Affiliate Administration

It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. I greatly enjoyed the day, the speakers, and the many new people I met. All the best
Carole Hodges

I thoroughly enjoyed the alumni conference event last Saturday
Cecilia Acero, Conference Attendee

The Career Conference at Occidental College was excellent. Plenty of useful information, presented by experienced professionals who have succeeded in transitions of their own.
Larry Owens, Paramount Pictures

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