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Health IT Executive Search

As executive search consultants, we are committed to supporting healthcare provider efforts to meet their staffing needs.

Approach and Methodology

While our approach for this engagement are tailored to meet your needs and strategic goals, our normal approach for providing strategic consulting services would consist of a series of steps as set forth below:

We will meet with you and other key executives you designate, by phone or in person, to establish an in-depth understanding of the history, structure, and operations of your organization as it relates to your staffing needs.

We will review any relevant documents to increase our knowledge about your organization’s Plan to provide EHR solutions for independent provider medical practices. We will share with you are in-depth knowledge of EHR workforce issues. Based upon your direction, we will review any aspects of your Staffing Plan from both a strategic and tactical approach.

Scope of Work

At your request, we will provide additional services including, but not limited to,

a. Position Analysis:

      i.   Validate existing position descriptions and qualification                        

     ii.   Develop and validate additional position descriptions and qualifications not currently documented

     iii.   Identify position performance criteria

     iv.   Evaluate established position compensation ranges against market data

     v.   Obtain cross-functional management approval.

b. Recruiting:

      i.   Using the position analysis outcomes discussed above, create a recruiting sequence and timetable.

      ii.   Identify key SPS employer selling points

     iii.   Create a recruitment advertising Plan

     iv.   Identify and recommend candidate sourcing resources

     v.   Identify and recommend external recruiting resources

c. Assessment and Selection

     i.   Recommend a conceptual interface for integrating the Staffing Plan with SPS’s existing Taleo applicant tracking system

      ii.  Establish, recommend and memorialize the interviewing and hiring decision-making process

     iii.   Provide interviewing evaluation guides for each position

     iv.   Recommend additional methods of assessment beyond the interviewing process.

     v.   Management Development Programs- Identify and Recommend, Where Available, Customized HIT/EHR

  1. On-boarding programs
  2. Internships programs
  3. Certifications
  4. Nationally recognized EHR employee training programs and
  5. Job retention programs
  6. Government funded HIT/EHR resources and services

Client ResponsiblitiesOur experience demonstrates that the most successful engagement is those in which we work closely with our clients. Outlined here are the three contributions that you can make to ensure an effective consulting outcome:

  • Advise us of those areas relevant to the assignment that must be kept confidential.
  • Provide us with as much written documentation as possible to make the data gathering process efficient and productive.
  • Provide candid and timely feedback of the value of our services so we can make adjustments in our process to produce results that exceed your expectations.


We will not recruit, nor cause to be recruited, any person from your organization or its parent for a period of one year after the completion of the engagement, unless HRMS receives approval of this exception from you. We do not accept any assignments we feel we cannot successfully complete.

HRMS affirms, without reservation, the principles of equal opportunity in employment. HRMS will not discriminate against qualified candidates for any unlawful reasons, including race, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability.

We expect our clients to comply with non-discrimination policies and practices.

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