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Job Search Webcasts

Monthly one-hour webcasts provided by nationally recognized Health IT career and job search experts.

Self-Guided, Step-by-Step Job Search Tutorials

Nine modules will take you step by step through the process of helping you find a position in the Health IT and Electronic Health Records profession. The course is comprised of nine modules and 30+ lessons, requiring 12 to 24 hours to complete based upon your professional experience and past accomplishments. The HRMS JobHITs course will help you leverage your transferable skills and help you overcome the “Experience Required” qualification barrier.

Personalized Job Search Counseling

Need individual help? HRMS certified JobHITs Health IT career and job search consultants will customized a series of one-hour telephone counseling sessions around your past experience and job search objectives.

Daily Job Search Tweets

Follow HRMS’s President and CEO, Richard Katz, as he journeys 24-7 through the Health IT and Electronic Health Record implementation industry. Richard’s tweets are informative, sometimes opinionated, but always relevant to anyone that believes EHR implementation will help improve healthcare, reduce costs and increase services to those most in need. Tweet content focuses on EHR’s impact on the workforce.


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