Overcoming the 'Work Experience' Barrier to Health IT Employment

You Are Not Alone!

Despite thousands of job openings nationwide, many IT professionals, healthcare clinicians, and recently graduated Health IT students are finding it difficult to land a job in the field of Electronic Health Records.

HRMS has created a NEW job search training course for those finding it challenging to gain employment, or advance their career, due to a lack of Electronic Health Records (EHR) work experience.

The course consists of eight, one-hour webinars led by Richard Katz, President and CEO of HRMS. With 30 years of employment, recruitment and career management experience, Richard will provide a frank, insightful and motivating discussion of the Health IT job search process.

Field tested for over three years with ONC-funded HIT students enrolled at Orange Coast Community College, individuals can register for one or more of these live events. A copy of the slide deck used during the webinar will be included with registration. Also, each session will provide participants with the opportunity to obtain written answers to personal job search questions.

JobHITs Course Benefits

The one-hour, intensive and fact-filled webinars will help you:

  • Broaden Your EHR industry business knowledge
  • Establish job search strategies that make the most of your time and efforts
  • Learn where to find the best Health IT job opening resources
  • Understand how to communicate your transferable and soft skills
  • Learn how to write a Health IT resume when you lack experience
  • Practice effective job interviewing when hiring managers question your EHR work experience

Module 1: Health IT Job Search Fundamentals
  • Understand the Significance of How Each Module Builds Upon The Other
  • See Example Lessons from Each Module
  • Learn The Strategy Behind the JobHITs Job Search Training Course
Module 2: The Health IT Industry
  • Understand the Strengths and Limitations of the ONC-Funded "HIT" Community College Training Program
  • Identify the Health IT Industry Stakeholders
  • Develop a Deeper Understanding of the Role of EHR in Improving Healthcare Delivery
  • Learn to Write and Speak the Language of an EHR Professional When Seeking a Job
Module 3: Health IT Job Search Strategies
  • Establish Realistic Employment Objectives
  • Broaden Your Job Search
  • Learn the Business of Health IT
  • Become a Health IT Headhunter and Place Yourself
  • Identify and Communicate Your Transferable Skills
  • Refine Your Soft Skills
  • Learn How to Effectively Answer the "HIT Pro" Competency Test Blueprint Questions
  • Improve Your Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Focus Your Job Search Efforts
  • Staying Motivated
Module 4: Transferable Skills
  • Understand the Importance of Transferable Skills
  • Practice Using MyJobHITS Transferable Skills, Resume Writing and Interviewing Tools
  • Matching Transferable Skills with Current Job Openings - Demonstration
  • Identify Your Transferable Skills - Post-Webinar Exercise
  • Match Your Transferable Skills with Job Openings that Interest You - Post Webinar Exercise
Module 5: Resumes
  • Learn Resume Writing Basics
  • Develop a Chronology of All Your Transferable Skills
  • Prepare Resume Statements for Each Relevant Transferable Skill
  • Create A Professional Resume Format
  • Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter For Each Job Application Being Targeted!
  • Refine Your Elevator Pitch
  • Choose Appropriate Electronic Submission Techniques
  • Access MyJobHITs Resume Writing Tools
Module 6: Interviewing
  • Understand the Sales Analogy
  • Change Your Job Search Attitude
  • Learn To Research First
  • Etiquette
  • Build Rapport
  • Overcome The "Direct Experience" Barrier
  • Practice Answering Difficult Questions
  • Practice Asking the Right Questions
  • Improve Soft Skills Deficiencies
  • Learn Different Ways To Ask for the Order
  • Access Compensation Information
  • Choose the Right Post-Interview Communication
Module 7: Sources of Job Openings
    Learn How to Access:
  • The Hidden Health IT Job Market
  • The Best Health IT Job Aggregators
  • Dedicated Health IT Job Sites
  • The Best Health IT Publications, For Free
    Learn How to:
  • Maximize the Value of Social Media Job Source Sites
  • Create Job Opening Alerts
Module 8: Managing Your Career
  • First Six Months
  • Solving Conflicts
  • Promotional Strategies
  • Compensation Strategies
  • Building a Professional Network
  • Personal Branding
  • Staying Current
  • Older Workers
  • Retirement "Driving Forces"
Webinar Schedule

The full live webinar schedule is located at the HRMS Store.

You can also purchase a recording of any of the webinars at the HRMS Store for $10 each.

Personalized Career and Job Search Coaching

Personalized Resume Critique
Using the Microsoft Word editor and comment tools, your resume will be reviewed by an expert HRMS Health IT job search consultant and critiqued for the following:
  • Format
  • Content
  • Effective use of transferable skills language
  • Effective use of words and metrics that give meaning to your accomplishments
  • Other areas as necessary to present your qualifications in skills-based language
Recorded Video Interview Practice
This service provides interview training by answering a series of interview questions that are recorded and played back online. The participant can record and play back their responses as many times as necessary. The recordings are available immediately. Participants can choose from thousands of the most typical questions asked during job interviews, as well as questions focused in the healthcare industry.

About the Presenter

Richard Katz, MBA, President and CEO, HRMS, Inc., is a 30-year veteran of HR, recruiting and career counseling. Following a corporate HR career with Federated Department Stores (Macy's) and management consulting with Ernst and Young, Richard Katz founded Human Resource Marketing Services, Inc. (HRMS) in 1983. HRMS is a recognized leader in innovative recruiting and employment technologies including video resumes, television recruitment advertising, and proprietary courses on using the Internet to find a job. In 1993, HRMS launched its workforce development division providing customized job search courses to thousands of job seekers, from entry-level to senior executive. Born in Los Angeles, Richard holds a B.S. in Business Administration from UCLA and an M.A. in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota and serves on the HIMSS National Career Advisory Board.

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For ONC-Funded HIT Students and Alumni

Your status as a student or alumni of the ONC Health IT Training Program qualifies you to register for Module 1 of the nine-part webinar course, Overcoming the 'Work Experience' Barrier to Health IT Employment for FREE. Click on the following link to receive your discount code: http://www.hrms.net/jobhit-student/. You will automatically be sent an email from with the discount code and further instructions.

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